Kids Learn Faster With Quality Boards 


Awesym 136/143 $599

The board we wanted didn't
exist, so we made it.

 -The go to board of choice after all is said and done.

-We've listened, we've talked, we've worked, and re-worked it, just to make sure.

-Awesym is as the name suggests is Awesome.

-A a true twin designed to be ridden duck, with a more agressive heel sidecut.

-From park to pow, Awesym has your back.

*Kids Boards are available in rocker or camber.

Superpark 130/139/143 $559

The series that sparked a revolution.

-Lake Tahoe 26 years back the Superpark was born.

- Everyone has always loved the name.

-The Superpark is great in the park.

-Here's the deal:

-The Superpark is the base of our sauce.

-The Superpark is the official Swiss Army knife of shred.

-The Superpark rips the park.

-The Superpark is the tool of choice everywhere: Backyard setup, lift access, or strap one to your sled.

-When the heli takes off and your running a Superpark- its on.

*Kids Boards are available in Camber or Rocker.

Superpark toppsd.jpg
superpark base.jpg

Jetson 144 $649

The future is now.

Mission Directive:

-find the best powder

-big cliffs/tight lines

-turn some ice to powder (for the homies)

-drag knuckles: option to go elbow deep

-top to bottom nonstop runs

-test it in the park, so much fun

-naah , send it massive in the park

- Jetson is there for ya

-be stoked


-have fun

-share stoke

-is it 4:20?

-find free parking lot beers

- is that a hottie with a Judy ?

-report back:

*Kids Boards are available in camber or rocker.

A taste of the future right now.

Jetson Base Black .jpg